Design Smart Teddy to Feel Closeness Over Distance

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Send a touch over distance by using iXu app or stroking Teddy's back.

Receive the touch anywhere in the world in real-time.

Hundreds of people have tested it and loved how it feels.

We are very proud of and excited about the feedback and help we’ve got from hundreds of people who have tested iXu Bear.

After +50 prototypes we found the the most enjoyable hugging experience and design

When Jussi was in a long-distance relationship, he felt strongly that something was missing. He wanted to feel closer to his wife.

As a former space scientist, he likes to solve difficult challenges. So he began to seek out completely novel solutions with his team and co-founder, Kai.

Now after fifty prototypes we have a solution that really helps people based on hundreds of positive feedback we’ve got.

Unique Nordic design

Delivers the most enjoyable kind of touch and it is based on science

The latest sensor technology


Get 20% Off + Free Shipping.
Delivery in October 2021.
No Risk. Money Back Guarantee.


You got questions. We got answers.

What does “iXu” mean?

There are so many ways to say how much you care about your loved ones. There are so many ways to say how much you care about your loved ones: i miss you. i think of you. i love you. i feel you. i X you.

When my order is delivered?

Our pre-orders will be delivered in October 2021. 

If I am not satisfied can I get my money back? 

100%. We stand by our product and its benefits. If you’re unhappy, let us know. We’ll reimburse you and work to fix the problem. Our 30 day money back guarantee starts when you have received your order or picked that up from the post office.

Is there any age limitations? iXu Smart Bears are designed and safety tested for 6 years and up. iXu is not suitable for use by children under 6 years without adult supervision. We’ve ensured that all aspects of the bear are securely attached so as not to provide a choking hazard. However, we do recommend that young children always be supervised while having/using the iXu Smart Touch Bear.

Where iXu Smart Bear is manufactured?

Entirely made in Finland. We rely on Nordic quality, just like you. Please note that each bear is made by hand and will have its own unique characteristics.

More questions? Find answers on our FAQ Page.