About the company

Impact-driven health and wellbeing company with a big heart.

JoyHaptics connects people through haptic communication to bring moments of joy and happiness to people's lives.

Creating an ecosystem for the most advanced replication of human touch over distance, and become a key innovator and leader in haptic communication over distance.

Now you can share and feel a missing touch -no matter distance, and no matter where you are.

The Story

In 2014, Dr. Jussi Tuovinen, an award-winning engineer and scientist, found himself in a long-distance relationship. While he was working in Dublin, Ireland, his family lived in Finland.

Despite the variety of options of staying in touch with his wife, Jussi noticed he was still missing something. The feeling of true closeness just was not fully deliverable through mere words and seeing each other on-screen.

Jussi saw this as a challenge: where there is a problem, there is a solution. Jussi together with his co-founder, Mr. Kai Martesuo, researched different types of technical solutions and human psychology to create a humane real-life experience of touch that can be sent over distance.

So began the story of JoyHaptics in 2015. To this day, Jussi and Kai have been perfecting the product to convey a true experience of caress and closeness.


The company has taken the principles of sustainability into account in product development, in materials, and also in product manufacturing.

Products are made in Finland. We rely on Nordic quality, just like you. The carbon footprint in the production is minimized.

The company also supports all equality for people and individual freedoms worldwide.


Sharing remote touch and love over distance.

Contact information

Get familiar with the company of JoyHaptics by visiting our corporate web site www.joyhaptics.com