What is iXu Smart Bear?

iXu is a huggable teddy bear which mirrors touch over distance and works through a downloadable application. iXu Smart Touch Bear includes smart touch electronics and custom made embedded software. iXu Smart Bear mirrors your loved one´s hand movement with its dynamic arm to give the feeling of a caress.

How does iXu Smart Bear work?

iXu is transmitting your dynamic touch anywhere in the world to the person you miss in return. The patent pending technology and design was developed based on the groundbreaking work of researchers in C-Tactile touch nerve system and the evidence of its critical role in human connection.

How does iXu Bear work -video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOmVaVrdj0Y

How does iXu relaxation mode work?

The iXu Smart Touch Bear can also be used in a relaxation mode, in addition to sending and receiving touch. With the relaxation mode, we mean a situation where you come home and are alone, and you just like to hug iXu for relaxation and comfort. In the relaxation mode you caress iXu and iXu will caress you back.

What does the iXu loving caress feel like?

It will mirror the same loving caress (dynamic hand movement) that your loved one does on iXu’s back or on smartphone touch screen. Touch sensation is combination what you physically experience and the feeling in brain. Therefore the best experience you get is you think the person you miss.

Who is iXu Smart Bear for?

iXu Smart Bear is for anyone who wishes to have a caring touch.

Ideal is to let iXu help you when you can't reach to those you would like to touch gently and be touched by. iXu Smart Bear provides you a huggable form to feel sharing the caring.

 iXu Smart Bear is ideal for situations like e.g. 

  • Long-distance relationships for couples to get closer to one another  
  • Grandparents and Travelling parents sending their caress over distance to children
  • Elderly people in isolation for contacting and activation
  • Relaxion and comfort for anyone in social distance without the facility to touch and get touched by another.

What the name of iXu means?

There are so many ways to say how much you care about your loved ones.

    How many users can one iXu (two bears and two apps) have?

    iXu app can be connected to five other users. In other words, you can have five persons saved as your iXu connection.

    What is the distance limit for iXu and smartphone?

    The distance between iXu and a smartphone is limited by the ranged of Bluetooth connection between these two. Average Bluetooth range is usually 33 feet/10m.

    Which materials is the bear made off?

    Circular design principals are taken into account. iXu bear's fabric is made of Polyester (PL)/Elastan (EL) and inner padding material Polyurethan foam (PU).

    Are the bears machine-washable?

    Bears are not machine washable. iXu Smart Bears contain electronics. Also avoid spilling liquids and/or leaving them in the rain or to a direct sun light. The Smart Bear's fabric material is resistant to neutral detergents and can be wiped cently with a cloth.

    Is there any age limitations or hazards?

    iXu Smart Bears are designed and safety tested for 6 years and up. iXu is not suitable for use by children under 6 years without adult supervision.

    We’ve ensured that all aspects of the bear are securely attached so as not to provide a choking hazard. However, we do recommend that young children always be supervised while having/using the iXu Smart Touch Bear.

    Where iXu Smart Bear is manufactured?

    Entirely made in Finland. We rely on Nordic quality, design and technolgy.

    Can iXu be shipped in separate addresses?

    Yes. iXu can be shipped in separate addresses. Additional shipment cost will be invoiced separately. In a case of two shipment addresses please contact support@joyhaptics.com for further information.

    Do I know the time zone of my love one’s iXu ?

    This feature is under consideration. However please note, you can always send a recorded touch to be received later by your loved one.

      Is iXu available in retail stores?

      Currently available only on www.ixubear.com online store. The company JoyHaptics.com is actively seeking retail/wholesale partners in USA/Canada and UK.

      Which payment methods are accepted?

      We accept PayPal and Visa, Master, American Express and ApplePay provided by Stripe.com.

      Sharing remote touch and love over distance.