What is special kind of normal thing to do in a relationship?

We were thinking of writing a post about the special kind of dates with long-distance love, but as we were writing it, we stopped only to realize that this is the normal stuff what couples do, yet to decide if it is a pro or a con that normal stuff feels so special?

It is funny how in a long-distance relationship doing normal things is special.

Here are some normal day-to-day things we consider special in LDR life. Lame or cool, you can be the judge of that!

1. Dining together

When you live alone, having a meal might not be a very special experience. Luckily you can spice up your mealtime by dining together! Of course, it might be a little tricky if you are in different time zones and are not hungry at the same time.

This is the case for us, but we have been able to enjoy food together; You could either cook your meals together or order take-out – your choice! Either way, it is a nice change for just sitting in front of the camera. Add a glass of wine, and you have a proper date night!

2. Buying groceries together

This could naturally be incorporated into the first point in order to make sure you both have all the ingredients (or at least lack the same ones) for making your meals.

But sometimes you just need that extra support in the grocery store to avoid the temptation to fill your cart with candies and chips, or just need some company while waiting in line to the cashier.

3. Having a movie night together

Most of us hate watching movies alone. When we have someone to discuss the movie with, we fully emerge into the goings-on on the TV.

We believe that there are platforms that let you share a screen but it is as easy just to hit the play button at the same time, and ta-da, you have a movie night! And oh, remember to wear headphones for this. And hey, definitely give in to the temptation to buy those snacks!

The one perk in long-distance movie night is that you both can get whatever the snacks you want, no compromises needed.

4. Working out together

Should we do a Skype workout? Heck yes! Plan a workout or find one from YouTube, set the timer and go. Enjoy running more?

Why not take your headphones with you and start jogging at the same time? Keep the pace low enough to be able to keep the discussion flowing and enjoy the company.

5. Doing chores together

Cleaning, doing the dishes, doing the laundry… Boring! Especially alone.

Some have managed to get a apartment into a sparkly shape by having a partner on Skype doing the same thing. Yet, it still sounds a little boring, but wouldn't that be quite enjoyable cleaning when you have company, even remote.

Sometimes we choose to do the same chores at the same time (see point 1 for example) which creates an extra layer of normality. Sadly, another one's cleaning efforts do not show in your apartment.

6. Play games together

Not all are big gamers, but sometimes you could play games on Snapchat or download a card game or word puzzle where you can play against your friends.

People enjoy playing video games together – we would definitely give this a go even if you would not have any video game playing skills! It's fun, and it's social.

7. **Insert your own idea here**

What's your idea? Whatever it takes to feel like a person in a “normal” relationship, go for it!

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